Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Universal Studios Nixes Stephen King's "Dark Tower" Trilogy


Ambition...is the arch enemy of Universal Studios and SyFy Channel because...ambition...also requires truckloads of imagination. This is a corporation notoriously known for preferring the low budget and anti-imaginative antics of Maury Povich's daily freak show (complete with professional actors and actresses playing the roles of his supposed "off the street" guests talking about their problems) over the likes of say...Stephen King's "Dark Tower" trilogy. This is a corporation notoriously known for preferring the likes of WWF Wrestling, cooking shows, and boring as hell ghost hunter shows over the likes of say..."The 1978 Battlestar Galactica" series."

It's mentioned in the article that Universal Studios turned  down the "Dark Tower" because it "didn't fit in with their business model." What is the business model of Universal Studios / SyFy Channel? Putting low budget, reality crap on the air (like Maury Povich) that the general public never asks for yet brain dead Universal Studios / SyFy Channel executives always do. Universal Studios and SyFy Channel believe in fast food / crap programming. Crank it out and put it on the air as cheaply as possible. Stephen King's "Dark Tower" would have required a decent budget, some thought, some imagination, some intellectualism. The sworn enemies of Universal Studios.....business model. Their business model is typical...status quo crap....costing $1.98 per episode and aired during the lunch hour on the SyFy Channel. Produced in Vancouver with nameless actors holding ID cards from the Canadian Chapter of the Screen Actors Guild.

This is why Stephen King's "Dark Tower" got voted down by Universal Studios "Black Tower."

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