Friday, July 15, 2011

When Universal Studios And Glen A. Larson Aren't At Each Others Throats Legally, They Spend Their Work Days Not Doing a Damn Constructive Thing Together

I've always found it really creepy that the only time we hear from Universal Studios and Glen A. Larson at the same time, is when they are suing each other, or are on the brink of suing each other. Other than that, their work days primarily consist of sitting on their collective corporate asses...and doing nothing. Collectively, they are sleepaholic vampires decade in and decade out....who only lumber back to life when either one feels they are being screwed out of money.

Universal Studios and Glen A. Larson both have more money than they know what to do with, yet that isn't enough for them. Larson for example, has more than enough money to do what he has already been doing for decades...sitting on his ass and not doing anything. Yet...that still isn't enough money for him. He still wants hundreds of millions more from Universal Studios. Even if Universal Studios does owe him all of that money...when is "enough is enough" for Glen A. Larson? Assuming he gets that additional hundreds of millions, what is he going to do with it? Bank it so he can sit on his ass even more...365 days a year?

It's almost as if Universal Studios and Glen A. Larson sat down with one another and said to each other...

"Gee...the general public hasn't heard from us in ages since our bogus "Galactica" movie press release in February 2009. You know what? Let's sue each other so we can get back into the headlines again."

At the root of it....I think it's nothing more than Universal Studios and Glen A. Larson periodically craving attention. Idle minds tend to be that way when their work days lack constructive activity. Maybe if the two of them had been spending the past 29 months making a "Galactica 1978" movie (like they were supposed to be doing)...they wouldn't be preoccupied with each other....lawsuits....and money like they are now.

I think there's a little wing at Universal Studios that consists of those executives who have been deliberately mismanaging the "1978 Battlestar Galactica" series...and Glen A. Larson. The lot of them are friends with one another. They sit around all day long...shooting the shit....arguing with each other....and suing each other.

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