Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why Does The SyFy Channel Show Up At Comic-Con Every Year? They Don't Belong There, And They Don't Deserve To Be There

It seems to me that the annual "Comic-Con" convention would be the last place on Earth where the SyFy Channel would be welcome with open arms. The SyFy Channel spends every year busting its ass driving Science Fiction fans away from its viewership. Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern have also publicly admitted in interviews that they regard Science Fiction fandom as nothing more than "Geeks living in their parents basements"....and...."a segment of the viewing demographic that they wholeheartedly want to get away from." This in addition to the SyFy Channel's very blatant and openly public hostility towards fans of the "1978 Battlestar Galactica" series for the past decade...when they still called themselves "Sci-Fi Channel." "Farscape" and "Stargate" fans have also incurred the wrath of the SyFy Channel as well...simply for existing.

The SyFy Channel in its present incarnation as an all purpose, general interest cable network...has absolutely nothing to do with Science Fiction. Their crappy movies every Saturday night don't deserve to be categorized into the genre of horror. "WWF Wrestling" and "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen" have absolutely nothing to do with what "Comic-Con" represents. The question then has to be asked...."What the hell is the SyFy Channel doing at Comic-Con every year?" It doesn't belong there. It doesn't deserve to be there.

The only time during the year when the SyFy Channel chooses to identify itself as a Science Fiction at the annual "Comic-Con" they can get in the front door and set up a booth for some unknown reason. This is the way the SyFy Channel peddles itself. It keeps its identity ambiguous and chameleonic from moment to order to satisfy its moment to moment corporate needs. If there was some huge shin-dig being hosted by ESPN...the SyFy Channel would figure out some way to crash it.

SyFy Channel: "We've been a sports network all along!! We really have!! "WWF Wrestling" is a a way!! Marcel cooking in the kitchen exercises his arms everytime he beats cake batter with a wooden spoon. Such exercise is a a way!! Our characters in "Warehouse 13" do alot of running around in search of supernatural artifacts. That's.....sporty!!"

So...what's the SyFy Channel's excuse for attending "Comic-Con this year...and every year? They don't belong there...and I'm sure many people associated with "Comic-Con" are never happy that they attend every year.

The SyFy Channel has no business showing up at "Comic-Con" ever year because they are not a Science Fiction channel in any way.

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