Sunday, July 3, 2011

To What Depths of Sleaze Will NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel Executives Sink to In Order to Stealth Market "Blood & Chrome?"

Stealth marketing is the preferred religion of those corporations that have absolutely no internal talent whatsoever in such areas as the conception and physical development of movies and television series. NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel took stealth marketing to such an extreme in their rabid promotion of Ronald D. Moore's "Galactica in Name Only" series that as a last resort (because traditional forms of stealth marketing weren't working)....they engaged in arguments with the general public on Internet forums such as the former, and the present

NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel executives and their hired thugs from "Abraham & Harrison" proved that there was no sleazy depth that they would not sink to in order to promote Ronald D. Moore's series. They would insult your family, your economic status, what region of the United States you lived in, what your religion was, what your nationality was....and even find out what the phone numbers were of the people they were arguing those people...and breathe into the receiver without saying anything when the phone was answered....if you dared to express your negative, personal opinion of Ronald D. Moore's series.

This was and is the world of guerrilla style stealth marketing as practiced by NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel executives. A world I fully expect to pick up steam again when the time comes for the "Blood & Chrome" pilot movie to air on the SyFy Channel.

Based upon this inexplicably psychotic behavior of NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel when it comes to stealth marketing....I am fully convinced that they will resort to these additional immoral practices (as well) in order to stealth market (guerrilla style) the "Blood & Chrome" pilot movie...

1. Walk up to people on the street and pick fights with them.

2. Walk into hospital rooms in order to try and convince scheduled surgery patients....and post-surgery patients still on watch the "Blood & Chrome" pilot movie.

3. Walk into a McDonalds or a Burger King during the lunch rush in order to preach the good gospel of Lord Thy God Ronald D. Moore.

4. Dial 911 in order to try and convince the 911 operator(s) that the "Blood & Chrome" pilot movie will rejuvenate them spiritually.

5. Barge in on weddings, bar mitzvahs, funerals, wakes, suicide attempts, births, and yes...even order to promote "Blood & Chrome."

6. Barge in on church services and confessions in order to promote "Blood & Chrome."

7. Barge in on police interrogations in order to promote "Blood & Chrome."

8. Barge in on loving couples having intimate candlelight dinners in order to promote "Blood & Chrome."

9. Barge in on surgeries actually taking place in order to promote "Blood & Chrome."

10. Leave messages on the White House web site for the First Family to watch "Blood & Chrome" with each message ending in......"For Whom The Bell Tolls"........

Just wait and see....NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel will resort to all of this.

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