Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How Is Universal Studios / SyFy Channel's Business Model / Pipe Dream Thingy Working Out For Them?


We keep hearing it from them all of the time...don't we? This "Business Model / Brand Name...Pipe Dream Fantasy" of theirs...that Universal Studios / SyFy Channel keep clinging to. The fantasy of boundless financial goodness they keep thinking they will find at the end of the "Yellow Brick Road" of their wishful thinking...and turn them into the most successful corporation on Earth with a big...fat....Superman..."S"....on their corporate chest. A super corporation!!

Two years ago, the Sci-Fi Channel thought that such a pipe dream would yield them boundless financial goodness by initially changing their name to SyFy Channel...and then proceeding to put such crap on the air as WWF Wrestling, a cooking show, and unwatchable horror movies.

Recently, Universal Studios thought they would find this "Yellow Brick Road" of financial goodness by not greenlighting "Stephen King's Dark Tower" project.

As near as I can tell...this is what Universal Studios / SyFy Channel is hoping will happen if they adhere to this "Business Model / Brand Name" fantasy of theirs...and this is how you define it....

"Universal Studios / SyFy Channel wants some magic project to come along from out of nowhere...whether it be a new television series or a new movie...and they want the project to be dirt cheap to produce...while at the same time generating enough revenue to instantaneously propel them into different industries...such as building shopping malls with their name on it..."The Universal Studios / SyFy Channel Mega Mall"...manufacturing video games...producing children's programming....manufacturing male and female apparel, and manufacturing toys."

Yes...Universal Studios / SyFy Channel want to be a...Mega-Conglomerate.

Unfortunately...Universal Studios / SyFy Channel doesn't have the talent...and never has had the talent...to evolve themselves beyond being a mere movie studio...and a mere cable network.

1. Maury Povich hasn't done it for them yet.
2. Marcel's Quantum Kitchen hasn't done it for them yet.
3. Ghost Hunters hasn't done it for them yet.
4. Warehouse 13 hasn't done it for them yet.
5. Their Saturday Night Monster Movies hasn't done it for them yet.
6. WWF Wrestling hasn't done it for them yet.
7. Ronald D. Moore hasn't done it for them yet.

This is what Bonnie Hammer at the SyFy Channel...and Universal Studios in general...keep babbling about whenever you hear them desiring to..."expand the brand name"...or..."strengthen the business model."

Inexplicably...they keep thinking that this fantasy of theirs will happen by greenlighting crap..."The Maury Povich Show"....and not greenlighting quality productions...."Stephen King's Dark Tower."

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