Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Does Mayor Gregor Robertson Think About The SyFy Channel Occupying His City?

He can't be too happy about the SyFy Channel dug into Vancouver as if it's a foxhole in order to film its various television series and movies there. Television series and movies of a dubious quality. Despite the financial benefits to the local economy of having the SyFy Channel there, there has to be some internal feelings within the Vancouver City Council and the Mayor himself of having a backwater little cable channel permanently entrenched there filming below par garbage within their city limits.

It was Vancouver resources and Vancouver filmmaking equipment utilized by the SyFy Channel to film such garbage as "Sharktopus"....."Ice Spiders"....."Caprica"....."Blood & Chrome".....and "GINO." Is that the sort of history that Mayor Gregor Robertson will eventually want logged in the Vancouver historical records? That the likes of....."Sharktopus"....and "Ice Spiders".....were filmed in his city? Even if there are historical records specifically pertaining to the filmmaking history of Vancouver....I doubt very much that Mayor Gregor Robertson wants the SyFy Channel's "B-Movie Schlock" contributions included in such records.

The SyFy Channel is a "Schlock-Ploitation" cable channel....with nothing in their broadcast history worthy of historical preservation. They crank the shit out....and they "eek" out a few...meager....advertising dollars from their brainless endeavors. From's onward and downward to the $5.00 discount DVD bins at Wal-Mart for these mindless productions conceived by Bonnie Hammer....David Howe....and Mark Stern.

A city with the prestige of Vancouver deserves the likes of PBS and Masterpiece Theater to be filming there. Not the SyFy Channel and "Fact or Faked?" I'm sure the SyFy channel's presence in his city is one of those daily aggravations that Mayor Gregor Robertson just shakes his head "no" in utter incredulity and disgust at. He won't kick the SyFy Channel out of his city because of the benefits to the local economy...but at the same time....I'm sure he isn't too thrilled that they are there either. It would be the same thing as the Klu Klux Klan holding a rally in a city. City officials wouldn't be too thrilled that they are there...but they tolerate the presence of the Klu Klux Klan because they have free speech rights, and have a right to exercise those rights as long as they don't hurt anybody.

The SyFy Channel has free speech rights to film garbage, they aren't hurting Mayor Gregor Robertson allows them to stay there.

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