Friday, July 1, 2011

Debunking The Notion That Ronald D. Moore's Sham Interpretation of Battlestar Galactica Was Legitimately Loved And Adored

Was there ever a television show more ridiculously promoted and more ridiculously unsuccessful as Ronald D. Moore's "Galactica in Name Only" series? Usually a good indicator of how unsuccessful a television series really the highly suspicious collection of prestigious awards the television series receives....awards the actual contents of the television series fail to live up to. Awards which seem way out of place being bestowed upon such a lackluster television series. What the awards represent being way above and beyond the television series itself...such as Ronald D. Moore's "Galactica in Name Only" series.

Harlan Ellison gave this series an award? Why? Because the SyFy Channel's stealth marketing department told him to? The United Nations honored this series in some way? Why? Because the SyFy Channel's stealth marketing department put in a request for them to do so? Because somebody at the SyFy Channel knew somebody in the United Nations?

What came through loud and clear throughout the relentless promotion of this shit-bag series....was that the SyFy Channel really made its rounds....and really got around to the darndest of order to beg, plead, twist arms, and pray....for anyone and anything to artifically praise this series. It just seemed odd at the time....and it felt odd....that such an underwhelming television series was supposedly receiving such legitimate praise. Praise that was way out of....and way above and beyond....what Ronald D. Moore's "Galactica in Name Only" series actually was. And regardless of the wide variety of different sources "GINO" was supposedly receiving legitimate praise could tell that the same stealth marketing script was being followed to the letter by everyone involved....including the United Nations, Harlan Ellison, and the inexplicably gushing television reviews (from critics who had to be on acid at the time) praising the series.

Yes, the SyFy Channel constructed a convenient little fantasy mechanism for itself through stealth marketing. It can be concluded that a stealth marketing operation of this magnitude was being overseen by Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern. Operations of this magnitude don't happen by accident. They don't randomly fall out of the sky in order to give Ronald D. Moore's "Galactica in Name Only" series every benefit of the doubt known to man despite its contradicting...overall sucktitude. This behemoth of a stealth marketing operation was planned right down to the letter with sharpened pencils....with extra fine points. This sucker was conceived...and Bonnie Hammer gave birth to it.

When you think about it....Why would anyone in their right mind love a television series where two of the primary cast members are frowning...mumbling...and staring stone faced off into the distance? (Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell.) Why would anyone love a television series where ugliness including rape, torture, and murdering helpless infants were the primary excuses for its relentless narrative laziness? Why would anyone love a television where bad acting, obvious location shooting in Canada, and business suits straight off the rack from "Sears" were its ridiculously flaunted faults?

Maybe there is a lesson in here somewhere for Ronald D. Moore, Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern. The next time they're looking for love....they won't find it by making a television series.

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