Sunday, December 15, 2013

Does The SyFy Channel Have All of its "Misinformation Press Releases" Loaded Up For The Debut of "Helix" Next Month?

Something along the lines of....

1. "Helix' shattered all ratings records for a SyFy Channel debut."

2. "The debut of 'Helix' was number 1 with all demographic groups across the board."

3. "Ronald D. Moore has already won a 'Peabody Award' for the pilot episode of 'Helix' prior to its airing!!"

4. "Based upon the ratings of the pilot episode, SyFy Channel has already ordered a second season of "Helix."

5. "Helix' is the highest rated 'horror' series in television history, even surpassing the 'X-Files!!'"

Let the shoveling of the B.S. begin...courtesy of the SyFy Channel!!


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