Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Evidence of Two More Cut Scenes From Richard A. Colla's Uncut Version of "Saga of a Star World." Bring On The "Director's Cut"

From the looks of this scene, "Baltar" is investigating the demolished dwelling of perhaps someone he knew on "Caprica?" I would place this scene immediately after the attack and shortly before meeting with the two Cylon Centurions on "Caprica" discussing survivors near the..."Space Drome."

Jim Peck as a "Caprican" newscaster before Jane Seymour was cast? The Cylon attack as originally shot was deemed too violent and long by ABC-TV and Glen A. Larson. It was cut down of course, taking Jim Peck's footage with it. ABC-TV and Larson thought the answer to everything was to gut this movie with a sword. After spending millions on it of course. Logical!! (Sarcasm)


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