Friday, December 6, 2013

If Anyone Ever Figures Out What The Hell This Channel Is...Inform The Rest of The Population

This is my best educated guess: "An archaic representation of a commercial broadcast network from the 1970s and 1980s. Carrying with it all of the hatred those ancient commercial broadcast networks used to have towards anything remotely associated with Science Fiction. The SyFy Channel is also a curious blend of fragmented, inconsistent, and incoherent "Identity Hopping" (Psychotic Episodes) from one moment to the next...combined with the futile dreams of its owner (NBC-Universal) always wishful that this mess of a cable channel that derailed in conception on the "Corporate Drawing Boards"...will somehow become more than the sum of its erratic parts."

Regardless of whether or not the identity of the SyFy Channel is ever deciphered, we can rest in the knowledge that these people will still show up for work everyday, continuing to inexplicably get paid as they continue to manage the SyFy Channel in the mystifying and "stomach upsetting" way they have always run it.


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