Saturday, December 7, 2013

I Have More Than a Few Unpleasant Memories of My Own From Ronald D. Moore's "GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only) Series

This article more than likely endorsed, screened, and probably written by the stealth marketing firm that never stopped working for Moore even after "GINO" was cancelled five years ago....

1. Remember the first impression you got of Ronald D. Moore's "GINO" series? That he couldn't produce and write worth a damn?

2. Remember when Ronald D. Moore got into an argument with the "Comic-Con" audience shortly before "GINO" premiered? Telling them...."This is the show we're doing. If you don't like it, the popcorn is in the next aisle." Unfortunately for Moore, 99% of the global viewing audience took his advice and didn't watch his stupid show, as the ratings for the four low rated seasons demonstrated. New "GINO" episodes were even routinely beaten by "SpongeBob" reruns. Now that is an unsuccessful show!!

3. Remember when Moore and David Eick used to snicker at the "1978 Battlestar Galactica" series and its fanbase to try and make "GINO" look good? While they were using (stealing) source material from the "1978 Battlestar Galactica" series at the same time...for their stupid "GINO" show. What's that old saying?

"Don't bite the hand that feeds you."

4. Remember when Edward James Olmos had one facial expression and one facial expression only during the entire low rated four season run of "GINO?" Of course you do!! The same facial expression he had during the entire run of "Miami Vice" and "Blade Runner." So quite logically, Ronald D. Moore hired such a stellar acting talent for "GINO" (Sarcasm.)

5. Remember when executives from Universal Studios, the SyFy Channel, and employees of "Abraham & Harrison" used to argue with the general public on the now defunct forum? Their "Corporate Scripted Position" always was...

"The 1978 Battlestar Galactica series sucks, 'GINO' is great, and if you believe otherwise, there is something wrong with you."

As a corporation, NBC-Universal never did get along with people outside of their inner sphere.

6. Remember when Ronald D. Moore and David Eick put such horrific things as rape and torture into their stupid "GINO" show and didn't think anything of it?

7. Remember when Ronald D. Moore tried to convince people this stupid show of his was "Battlestar Galactica" and nobody bought in to his nonsense?

8. Remember when Glen A. Larson had to complain to the "Writer's Guild" because Ronald D. Moore was trying to claim that he was the creator of "Battlestar Galactica?" The entire sleeping franchise. I'm sure the late Leslie Stevens (one of the creators of "Battlestar Galactica") was turning in his grave over that one!!

39 minutes into the interview!!

9. Remember when David Eick's "Bionic Woman" reboot was failing at the exact same time that "GINO" was failing on the air?

10. Remember when the pilot episode of "GINO" got the lowest audience test scores in television history but Bonnie Hammer put the stupid show on the air anyway?

11. Remember when Ronald D. Moore and David Eick thought that it wasn't inappropriate in the slightest to have a race of humans not of this Earth and supposedly thousands of light years from Earth wearing business suits, shirts, and neck ties? Such a lazy ass attitude towards wardrobe certainly destroys the credible illusion of the story you are trying to tell, doesn't it? There is no bigger sin in life, than being a lazy ass television producer. Especially when you're supposed to be working on a Science Fiction television series....where the laziness will especially show!!

12. Remember when Bonnie Hammer and Ronald D. Moore tried to do two spin-offs ("Caprica", "Blood & Chrome") from a series that flopped ("GINO?") Quite logically, the spin-offs flopped as well. There is a technical phrase used to describe television executives who try to do spin-offs from an unsuccessful show...

"Not knowing the business end of the profession you are supposed to know everything about."

Memories!! Yes sir!!


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