Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why Does The Reality of The Situation Always "Clash" With The "Stealth Marketing Whimsy" of Articles Such as This?

A force in television? Bonnie Hammer? What has she done exactly? Let's focus on one of her more notorious train wrecks:

She turned a distinctive and easily discernible Science Fiction Channel (Sci-Fi Channel) into a nameless....faceless....fragmented....incoherent....badly managed...and badly conceived cable channel now known as "SyFy Channel." According to this article, SyFy Channel is a component of a much larger network of other cable channels all of whom have also been badly managed by Bonnie Hammer and her underlings.

Yes, NBC-Universal has found a way to make money in the cable badly managing an entire portfolio of cable channels via an endless series of inexplicably bad programming decisions backed up with an in-house "Dueling Banjo of a Family" - (Deliverance / In-Bred)  personnel of supremely untalented producers and writers.

There is no virtue in making money if you are very bad (untalented) at making money. If in fact, this article is accurate and not more "Stealth Marketing Nonsense" from these guys....

I think it is more accurate that this is the sort of impact Bonnie Hammer has had on the SyFy Channel and all of the other NBC-Universal cable stations...

All cable channels owned by NBC-Universal have been "Backfiring" since NBC-Universal first began owning them, and Bonnie Hammer managing them.

I think I have also figured out what Bonnie Hammer's personal definition of what "Branding" is...

Branding: "Stripping any sense of individuality and any sense of a discernible identity from the cable channels you own, and the programming you make."

"Branding" is corporate speak for...."Status Quo...Nameless....Faceless....Risk Free.....Bland....Tasteless....Derivative....Regurgitated....Boring....Uninspired....Bill of Goods....Flim-Flam....Instantly Disposable....Hefty Bags Filled With Trash....Time Wasters....and Instantly Forgettable."

...As these are all "Synonyms" for what viewers always ultimately see on the SyFy Channel and all of the other NBC-Universal owned cable networks.

Isn't it amazing how corporate business people always delude themselves into thinking that they are doing unique things in business....but from objective vantage points far away from their inner sphere the reality is always the exact opposite....They are nameless and faceless business people always doing the same nameless and faceless things they have always done in business. Always feeding the all important "Status Quo."


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