Thursday, December 12, 2013

You Mean....Ronald D. Moore Never Thought of This?? A "Dark & Gritty" Santa Claus Psychologically Devastated by Global Warming

This sort of guy would be classic Ronald D. Moore. This is the way Ronald D. Moore thinks. Put a "Dark & Gritty" spin on everything. If it's not nailed  down....make it "Dark & Gritty." This could be the "Ronald D. Moore Christmas Special." Not ready for "Prime Time" that's for sure!!

This would have made a great episode of "GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only), right?

Traveling through a "Parallel Dimension / Time Warp"....Commander Frown Face and his fearless crew encounter a "Santa Claus" on the brink of suicide trapped on an ice planet melting on top of itself!! Give Santa Claus in this clip lots of alcohol to drink as well. Pan down in this scene to show empty whiskey bottles rolling around on the floor.

Didn't like that one? How about this one? An episode of "Helix!!"

In the weird arctic research lab Ronald D. Moore ripped - off from "John Carpenter's The Thing" movie, weird experiments being conducted in genetic manipulation causes excessive radiation to escape from the lab....bringing about the melting of the polar ice claps which has a negative impact on "Santa Claus!!"

You know damn well Ronald D. Moore is going to catch wind of this clip featuring a manic-depressive "Santa Claus" sooner or later!!  He is going to say...."Hey, I can use this guy in one of my 'Helix' scripts!! A manic-depressive 'Santa Claus!!' I am such a genius!!"

Astonishing isn't it? At this late date...a "Dark & Gritty Santa Claus" has never appeared in any of Ronald D. Moore's productions. Is the guy asleep at the wheel?? Wake up, dude!!


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