Thursday, December 12, 2013

Has "Bryan Singer Has Just Closed a Deal To Direct...." Become Part of The "Pop Culture Lexicon" Yet?

Just wondering...

It's really at the point now that..."Bryan Singer Has Just Closed a Deal to Direct..." is becoming as instantly recognizable as...."Warp Speed"....."All Hands on Deck"....."Have it Your Way at Burger King"....."Where's The Beef?....."Ba-Da Bing, Ba-Da Boom!!"....."H-e-e-e-y!!" (Fonzie)...."Frack!!"....."Warp Factor Seven, Mr. Sulu!!"....."These Are The Voyages of The Starship Enterprise"....."We Can Rebuild Him, We Have The Technology!!"....."Zoinks!! It's Scooby Doo!!"

The phrase has never led anywhere for Bryan Singer...but it sure is a catchy phrase isn't it?....

"Bryan Singer has just closed a deal to direct......"

Everything below that mostly didn't happen!!


Bryan Singer's Aborted Project / Fake Press Release List -Volume 1

1. Six Billion Dollar Man
2. Battlestar Galactica

3. The Munsters (TV series)
4. Logan's Run
5. Excalibur
6. Bob Fosse mini series (HBO)
7. 2012 (SyFy Channel mini-series)
8. Sellevision
9. X-Men: Last Stand
10. Jack The Giant Killer
11. Star Trek: Federation - Television Series
12. The Prisoner
13. Wolverine 2
14. X-Men 3
15. Aim High

16. X-Men: First Class
17. X-Men: Days of Future Past (Abandonment Pending)
18. Freedom Formula: Ghost of The Wasteland
19. The Mayor of Castro Street: The Life & Times of Harvey Milk
20. Capeshooters
21. The Twilight Zone remake with CBS-TV
22. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
23. Football Wives
24. X-Men Origins: Magneto
25. Superman: The Man of Steel (Superman Returns Sequel)
26. uwantme2killhim? - Straight to DVD?

27. My Eleventh
28. The Black Box (Abandonment Pending)
29. Creature At Bay (Abandonment Pending)

30. Spooked (Abandonment Pending)
31. X-Men: Apocalypse (Abandonment Pending)


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