Friday, December 13, 2013

When 70% of Your Advertising Revenue Comes From Scripted, Staged, and Choreographed Wrestling, Isn't it Time to Re-Think The Mission of Your Channel?

SyFy Channel has failed at everything else except wrestling. They have failed at managing anything having to do with Science Fiction, they have failed at re-booting "Battlestar Galactica" and "Flash Gordon", they have failed at making originally produced horror movies, and they have failed at committing to high quality Science Fiction television series not produced by themselves...."Farscape."
The management of this channel needs to begin focusing on the one thing they are extremely good at....and that is producing "Trash Television" for the "Trailer Park" crowd.
Why don't they call themselves...
"Trailer Park Trash?"
A cable channel devoted to (what they already are doing but won't admit it to themselves) entertaining  the lowest common denominator in our society. Pregnant women wearing shorts and flip-flops, and the beer guzzling fathers with pot in trailer parks across the country.
1. Their schedule would consist mostly of wrestling matches as in the picture above.
2. They could also show reruns of the old "Morton Downey Jr." show....

This guy was a god to the "Trailer Park Trash" demographic.
3. They could also show wrestling themed movies such as "No Holds Barred" starring "Hulk Hogan."

4. They could show "helpful hint / reality" type shows for the consumer living in a trailer park. Such to host a "Thanksgiving" dinner in your little dwelling when you have 25 relatives coming over because you live in the biggest place out of all of your family members.
5. They could show reruns of "Evel Knievel's" classic jumps....Such as his failed attempt to clear "Snake River Canyon" in 1974.

6. And they could show reruns of the "inexplicably perennial"....."Maury Povich Show."

There you have it. I just gave the "SyFy Channel" a singular, discernible, and easy to figure out on-air identity. Not an identity to be proud of but an identity nonetheless. And it only took me 30 seconds to think about it based upon their strengths and weaknesses.

No more of this "John Doe" on-air "identity crisis nonsense" the channel has been suffering from ever since NBC-Universal bought the former (and great) "Sci-Fi Channel" from the 1990s...and turned it into a steaming pile of monkey dung....because NBC-Universal never liked Science Fiction yet bought a Science Fiction channel anyway??


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