Monday, April 21, 2014

And Still More "Never Before Seen Footage" of "Saga of a Star World" Pops Up


In the "30th Anniversary of WLS-TV" (a local affiliate of ABC-TV) back in 1978 of all places!!

"Battlestar" segment starts around 9:05....

1. "Apollo" using the term "Creepy Crawly."

2. Still another dubbed in voice for the "Imperious Leader." Not Ted Cassidy and not Patrick MacNee.

3. A close-up of the "Imperious Leader."

4. A Cylon Centurion speaking his dialogue at a faster pace. Not the slowed down pace we are familiar with.

5. Clearer footage of the survivors on "Caprica" interrogating "Apollo" in their original voices. Not the muffled voices heard in the final cut.

6. Still more never before seen footage of the aliens on Carillon.

We will never see a brand new "Battlestar" movie of any sort from Universal Studios because Universal Studios still can't unclog its corporate rear end by popping its corporate head out of it by gathering up all of this never before seen footage from "Saga of a Star World" (1978) directed by Richard A. Colla and doing a "Director's Cut" of this pilot movie.

If Universal Studios can't even get its act together in order to do a "Director's Cut" of this 1978 pilot movie (easier to do), then they sure as hell won't be able to get its act together even more by doing a brand new "Battlestar" movie of any sort.

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