Thursday, April 24, 2014

If Universal Studios Can't Even Do a "Director's Cut" of "Saga of a Star World", a "Battlestar" Movie That Was Already Filmed...Then they Sure as Hell Won't Be Making a New "Battlestar" Movie Anytime Soon

It's Universal Studios job and responsibility as a business to not only have all of the never before seen footage seen in this trailer in its possession at all times, (footage Universal Studios never included in any theatrical or television cuts of "Saga of a Star World") is also their job and responsibility as a business to eventually clean all of this footage up....recut it back in to "Saga of a Star World" in the precise places where it belongs according to the original shooting script, and release it as a DVD "Director's Cut" with Richard A. Colla and Alan J. Levi overseeing the restored edit.

A studio that has thoroughly blundered to all hell their job and their responsibility as a business in restoring "Saga of a Star World" to its original shooting script state with all of that missing footage intact for a "DVD Director's Cut" release, sure as hell won't be getting its act together anytime soon in making any sort of new "Battlestar" movie.


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