Friday, April 4, 2014

In All Honesty, The "SyFy Channel" Should Just Morph Itself Into an "All Wrestling Channel" Because They Suck at Everything Else

Maybe someday the SyFy Channel will realize how ridiculous and embarrassing it has always appeared as a cable channel.

The former "Sci-Fi Channel" ceased being a "Science Fiction" channel completely the moment it fell into the hands of NBC-Universal and Bonnie Hammer. What it became after that unfortunate acquisition occurred was and is..."a 21st Century cable version of  a 20th Century commercial broadcast network" bland and as "identity-less" in on-air appearances as any broadcast network from the 1970s and 1980s.

The SyFy Channel has been staffed and managed with the same sort of "brain dead mentality" at NBC-Universal that embraces such schlock as....."Maury Povich"....."Blind Date".....and "Law & Order". SyFy Channel programming executives are nothing but "Schlock-Meisters" and addicts of "shock value" garbage programming.

A few items of note here as well:

1. Let's be absolutely blunt here. This is not ever going to happen. SyFy Channel would never clean up its act to this degree...

It's not ever going to happen because it never happened before now. It will never happen because SyFy Channel executives are only capable of programming crap.

2. SyFy Channel has failed as a cable network because incompatible / smorgasbord programming such as "Wrestling"....scant Science Fiction.....and crappy originally produced monster movies ("Sharknado") not successfully define a cable network with a discernible on-air identity.

What SyFy Channel is a "Gas Station Mini-Mart" of a wide variety of incompatible items on display for the public over the airwaves.

3. What rendered the above link a "Fake Press Release" is the SyFy Channel wanting more consistent outer space based television annual "Sharknado" movie. You either do one or the other, you can't do both and expect to aspire to higher goals.

Besides, the SyFy Channel has already proven that they absolutely suck at supposedly "space based" television programming. Ronald D. Moore's "GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only) series took place everywhere except outer space:

a. In beautiful downtown Vancouver during sunny days.
b. On low budget and cramped soundstages looking like a "Best Buy" computer center.
c. Every other location "GINO" filmed in had ever present clouds and sun as backdrops.

SyFy Channel wanting to be something that they are not would be like a "Crack Addict" suddenly wanting to clean himself up.

SyFy Channel might as well go...."100% Wrestling" its programming. It's who they are....what they are.....and they are not capable of anything better because they are not....."Cerebral Enough" be anything better.


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