Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Has Anyone Noticed That Science Fiction / Fantasy in The Movies and Television Fell Into The "Crapper" in The Decade of The 2000s (And Never Recovered) Due to Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer....

....Arriving on the scene in the 2000s?

"GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only)...

The last time Science Fiction was done this badly and lazily on television was the "Starlost" series starring Alex Cord in 1973. An inadequate budget, zero imagination from Ronald D. Moore, all too obvious location shooting in Vancouver, British Columbia...and a cast of actors who couldn't act their way out of  a paper bag not only gave the "Battlestar Galactica" brand name a very bad reputation...but also discouraged other movers and shakers in the television industry from trying anything Science Fiction related on television in the decade of the 2000s (and beyond) due to the reality of "GINO's" very low ratings on the SyFy Channel.

I submit that Ronald D. Moore should also be blamed for the following two incidents that occurred in the decade of the 2000s and beyond:

1. The demise of "Starlog" magazine. Due to Ronald D. Moore killing a good half of what "Starlog" always covered in its pages....Science Fiction on television. Ronald D. Moore killed Science Fiction on television in the decade of the 2000s and to the present day. Ronald D. Moore wiped out an entire industry of Science Fiction on television in the 2000s due to the ratings failure of his "GINO" series.

2. After killing Science Fiction on television with his "GINO" series, Ronald D. Moore also caused its death to "skew" in to what we are suffering through today on television....a flooding of graphic horror television series such as "Salem"...."Witches of East End"....and...."Sleepy Hollow."  The present day flooding of Horror on television is a symptom of Ronald D. Moore having killed Science Fiction on television a decade earlier.

Bryan Singer inaugurated his own era of badly conceived, produced, written, and directed Science Fiction / Fantasy movies. "Jack The Giant Slayer"....."Superman Returns".....and even the first two "X-Men" movies weren't what they should have been and could have been. Thank God the ever resilient "Marvel Studios" proceeded undaunted in to making its own superhero movies regardless of what Bryan Singer did to the art form (creating a shaky and uncertain climate for superhero movies)....blessing all of us with the "Avengers" well as the "Iron Man"....and...."Thor" movies.


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