Monday, April 7, 2014

Since "Helix" Failed to Pull in The "Walking Dead" Audience and Decent Ratings in General (Yet They Inexplicably Renewed it Anyway)....

They're going for a more blatant rip-off this time around....

"Helix" - SyFy Channel's thoroughly uninvolving and low rated "Status Show" (to them and no one else) simply because Ronald D. Moore is on staff of it....recently received an inexplicable 13 episode renewal simply because Ronald D. Moore is on staff of it. When the new episodes roll out sometime next year no one will remember it because they weren't aware of it in the first place from not watching it!!

Yes..."The Walking Dead!!"... What the SyFy Channel has been foaming at the mouth over since it premiered...and not only the television show they desperately want to emulate...but I would wager also a show they would desperately want to own!! (Give the SyFy Channel some time...They will think of something...devious!!)

SyFy Channel is trying once again to pull in the "Walking Dead" audience with a more blatant rip-off of that show.

It wasn't working for SyFy Channel when they tried the tactic....

SyFy Channel: "Hey, 'Walking Dead' audience....We're doing a subtle version of your show here (wink, wink...nudge, nudge)....with 'Helix.'"

That's what I like!! When the "Subtle Approach" doesn't work...just go straight for the jugular and flat out rip-off  "The Walking Dead!!"

Will we eventually see a "Sharknado / Walking Dead-esque" crossover on the SyFy Channel? Wouldn't that be just.....precious?

With "The Asylum" production company creating, producing, and writing....this "Walking Dead" rip-off series for the SyFy Channel.....I guess we can look forward to the same outstanding "aspirations to excellence"...."The Asylum" also gave to other SyFy Channel presentations such as...."Sharknado"...."Frankenfish".....and "Sharktopus!!"

No doubt about it...We have a winner here!! (Rolling my eyes)

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