Monday, April 28, 2014

During The Past 14 Years, Universal Studios Has Never Released "Battlestar Movie Information" That Was a Legitimate News Story


Instead, all that they have ever released is "Fake Press Releases" announcing "Fake Battlestar" movies that never come to fruition...Movies we knew were fake all along because no matter how many gazillion years pass, these movies never get made...

I suspect these fake press releases are specifically designed to appeal to the "Lowest Common Denominator"...such as all of the idiots posting on the "Tombs of Kobol" forum.

This same delightful group of people who also never express the slightest initiative to do a little homework, such as uncovering the fact that Universal Studios has no "Battlestar" movie scheduled for release for the next three years at least....

Keep em' medicated and naïve at "Tombs of Kobol."

Why is it these fake "Battlestar movie announcements" never show up where the legitimate news is at, such as the "Bing" homepage where all of the real news stories are listed at the bottom? Hmmmm!!


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