Monday, April 21, 2014

Why is The Missing Footage From "Saga of a Star World" Showing Up Everywhere OnThe Face of This Earth Except Inside of The Universal Studios Film Vaults?

This is a Canadian promo trailer for the theatrical release of "Saga of a Star World." What do we have in this trailer? More never before seen footage from "Saga of a Star World" never released on the original series DVD set. Specifically, what do we see in this "rough around the edges trailer" with a snowy picture?

1. "Rigel" announcing numerical distances of Cylon Raiders to the fleet never heard before. "100 Microns"....."95 Microns".... etc.

2. Just before the "Vipers" launch, a close-up of buttons being pressed on the bridge. Possibly by "Rigel" herself.

3. Ted Cassidy heard as the "Imperious Leader" instead of Patrick MacNee.

4. A never before heard music cue playing over "Starbuck" and "Cassie" in the launch bay.

5. "Commander Adama" announcing "General Quarters" immediately followed by extra footage of the "Colonial Warriors" racing to the "Launch Bay."

6. Brief footage of "Adama" and "Tigh" looking at something.

7. "Omega" quickly darting his head from the left to the right.

8. What appears to be more violent footage of the "Cylon Attack."

9. The survivors of "Caprica" yelling at "Apollo" (in their original voices) before these voices were dubbed over by inferior sounding different voices in post-production for some (I'm sure) thoroughly unnecessary reason.

10. A head on view of the "Landram" not seen before.

11. A split second of "Boomer" opening the door of the "Landram" to get out.

12. Still more footage of the aliens in the "Carillon Casino."

13. Extra footage of "Boomer" looking out the left side of his "Viper" cockpit during combat.

14. Explosions sounding more dangerous.

Overall, all of this brief extra footage (never before seen) makes "Saga of a Star World" look that much better, more interesting, more dangerous, more alien-esque, more intergalactic, and more exotic. Even when this footage is being seen from an old trailer with a snowy picture.

Let me guess as to why Universal Studios has never rounded up all of this extra, complete footage for a much needed "Director's Cut" of "Saga of a Star World." Because Universal Studios allowed all of it to get lost and destroyed over the decades from Universal Studios thoroughly typical and thoroughly expected irresponsibility and mismanagement of "Battlestar Galactica" beginning in 1978.

You get the impression from watching this trailer that it was all "outside talent" brought in to make this pilot movie, as the "in house talent" didn't exist at that time (1978) at Universal Studios to make this pilot movie. Just as it doesn't exist now (2014) at Universal Studios to make any sort of "Battlestar Galactica" movie. Reimagined or otherwise. What sorts of "Corporate Imbeciles" at Universal Studios would want to deviate away from what is obviously a "Winning Formula" for "Battlestar Galactica" seen in this trailer in favor of a "Brain Dead Reimagining?"

Additionally, where is this other missing footage from "Saga of a Star World" as well?

Actor Jim Peck pulling double duty on "Caprica" with Jane Seymour reporting on the progress of the armistice.

Baltar surveying the remains of "Caprica" after the "Cylon Attack." No doubt this occurs before or after the Cylon Centurions reported to Balter that human survivors were being rounded up at the "Spacedrome."


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