Friday, January 9, 2015

Is The SyFy Channel Morphing Into Something Else......Again?

Let's see now. Jet black....very cool....The website seems to be in mid-transformation into....something. It's non-discernible and incoherent on-air identity is still there with its non-Science Fiction shows a bit more in the background and more Science Fiction in the foreground?

Is SyFy Channel beginning to go after the...."Sons of Anarchy"....."Chopper Motorcycle Bike Crowd"....with a jet black...."Ambiguity Identity Vibe"....peppered with just a smidgen of Science Fiction television.... reinforced with a...."Covert WWF Wrestling"....flaky crust? Rolled out in a pliable dough of...."Renegade John Doe Identity Crisis"....?

This is truly exciting!! The...."Channel"....seems to have been dropped from...."SyFy Channel"....leaving only...."SyFy"....on a jet black background. I can only assume that "SyFy" is morphing into....

"The SyFy Steel Belted Radial Viewing Experience"

Its core audience being anyone's guess....JUST LIKE BEFORE!!....BUT!!...."SyFy"... ends up being watched by truckers.....motorcycle owners.....stay at home trailer park moms in curlers and flip-flops all day long....with teenaged sons of bikers named...."Spike"....and...."Slash"....People who do their weekly retail shopping in large flea market facilities that smell like bubblegum and sweet tobacco at the same time ($1.50 entrance fee at the booth) with all of the female booth owners on the inside wearing low cut spandex tops (especially when they shouldn't)..leggings (especially when they shouldn't) and flip-flops.

The ongoing mystery of the SyFy Channel (in terms of on-air identity) continues!! As does my ongoing 15 year struggle to define this channel!!

I will give..."SyFy" here. They seem to have yet another new and intriguing nebulous premise for its channel...They just can't get it defined down to the fine tip of a pencil as always!!

(I'm waving my arms here...trying to put two and two together!!)....Steel Belted Radial Tires?.....Shop at Home Flea Market Channel?...."Locked Up: Behind Bars" reruns?....Storing your motorcycle in the bath tub?....Your front lawn is a distillery for the neighborhood? Leggings and flip-flops hanging on the clothes lines? A cow is tied to your front porch with jumper cables? Uncle Jeb has a pot belly from diabetes? Daughters get a ride to the senior prom on the back of a Harley....wearing a frilly dress and combat boots? C.S.I. reruns? Your pick-up truck is the "Queen Sized Bedroom" of your household?


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