Monday, January 19, 2015

Why, More Than Likely, This Upcoming Blu-Ray Release Will Come And Go Quickly With Little To No Fanfare

Observing how Universal Studios has dealt with the..."1978 Battlestar Galactica Series"...for the past 37 years...I already see early warning signs that fans will ultimately be very unhappy with this Blu-Ray release....

1. Crappy packaging art. Yuck!! Bright red color with an aged...sandpaper rubbed....look to the packaging. This in itself will repel consumers from a distance. The packaging was designed to look ugly and repel from a distance.

2. Universal Studios didn't produce new extras for this Blu-Ray release. The extras are all carried over from the...."Battlestar Galactica 1978: Complete Epic Series DVD"....release from October 2003. So, no new extras 12 years later. So, we have a 12 year old interview with Glen A. Larson when he was still alive, an interview with Stu Phillips when he was 12 years younger, interviews with the cast members when they were all 12 years younger, deleted scenes that Universal Studios no doubt has found no new additions to after 12 more years despite the fact that they probably still do exist but Universal Studios still hasn't tried hard enough to find them (particularly "Saga of a Star World"), and a couple featurettes from 12 years ago.

3. There is nothing new in this upcoming Blu-Ray release to encourage mass market attention and purchase from consumers. The visual effects from..."Battlestar 1978".... still haven't been upgraded in this Blu-Ray release...Still no..."Director's Cut"....from Richard A. Colla....or...."Re-Edit"....from anyone which would repair the damage that was done to...."Saga of a Star World" - (The "1978 Battlestar Pilot Episode) the "ABC-TV Standards & Practices Department"....when they sliced and diced out (still missing) chunks of story because they (ABC-TV) were so afraid of their own shadow and so afraid of...."Battlestar 1978's"....shadow at the time.

I'm just going to do a very casual obervation here without having to think about it hard at all....Universal Studios needs to start putting alot more thought and wisdom into the...."Battlestar 1978".....products they are presently manufacturing. At the very least Universal Studios needs to start doing serious research on what they own ("Battlestar 1978" in particular) with said research resulting in...."Battlestar 1978"....products being manufactured of a much higher quality than they presently are. And Universal Studios also needs to start thinking along the lines of.... (perish the thought)....what they can do to make the...."Battlestar 1978"....products better overall. Educate itself on what the...."1978 Battlestar Galactica Series" and where it came from is the order of the day here for Universal Studios.

My prediction: This Blu-Ray release will be immediately not available from on its official day of release (out of print) with only second and third party sellers offering this release for outrageous prices. $148.00 and up.

So to sum up, this upcoming Blu-Ray set...

1. Has no tribute documentary to the late Glen A. Larson.

2. Has no upgraded visual effects for the "Battlestar 1978" series.

3. Has no additional deleted scenes uncovered from the Universal Studios vaults.

4. Has no..."Director's Cut"...of...."Saga of a Star World" - (The Pilot episode of..."Battlestar 1978")

5. Has no new produced extras whatsoever of meaningful importance to the 1978 series.

6. Has no attractive package art whatsover that mass market consumers would find attractive.

7. Has no guarantee of being a success with consumers because of all that it is lacking.

8. Has no indication of being anything but a high-tech reissue of the DVD release from 2003.

9. Has no indication whatsoever of being a well thought out consumer product.

10. Has no indication of being attractive to consumers due to it lacking in pleasant surprises.

In light of all of these missing elements, I as a consumer am supposed to go out and buy this thing...jumping for joy while doing so??

Additional Prediction: Quick death on Blu-Ray (low sales) caused by...."Status Quo / Corporate Paralysis"....i.e....Offering consumers nothing new in the..."Extras Department" - (pleasant surprises.)


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