Saturday, January 24, 2015

One Of The Duties Of This Blog Has Been To Separate All Of The "Lies From The Lies" In All Of The NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel Press Releases

In this press release from two years ago, the SyFy Channel announced all of the following shows. Of course none of them came to frution. This is just how the SyFy Channel is.

SyFy Channel shows from two years ago (announced in this press release) that never came to frution...

1. Orion
2. Darkfall
3. Shelter
4. Infinity
5. No Place
6. Sojourn
7. Clandestine
8. Silver Shields
9. Dead Famous
10. Graveyard Shift
11. The Gadget Show
12. Opposite worlds
13. Eyes of The Dragon
14. Jim Henson Creature Shop
15. Meatloaf Rocks The Paranormal
16. Make Me a Millionaire Inventor

17. Ringworld
18. Childhood's End
19. Joe Rogan
20. Proof

And the people in the.... "SyFy Channel Programming Department"..... still have jobs after a...."Massive Abort"....such as that? If the press release above were true in the first place?

But the one show that always remains on the SyFy Channel through thick and thin is always.....



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