Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Thing That Amazes Me Is...Someone(s) Is Repeatedly And Actually Getting Paid For Thinking Up This Drivel For The SyFy Channel


From the same corporate mind(s) that brought all of us (against our wills)...."Sharknado"..."Wrestling"....."Haunted Highway"...."Ghost Hunters"...."Marcel's Cosmic Kitchen"....Anything from the...."Ronald D. Moore Laugh Factory"....Anything from...."Asylum Films"....and...."Scare Tactics"....Now brings us...."Troy: Street Magic."

You don't need a college education to think up this endless drivel for the SyFy Channel. All you need is two legs to walk yourself to and from the SyFy Channel offices to collect your paycheck from them twice a month or however frequently they get paid.

And could there be any easier a way to collect a paycheck from the SyFy Channel? Thinking up adolescent drivel for them for their television programming....

Employment on an embarrassing income for life!!


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