Thursday, April 16, 2015

Alcohol Was Bound To Enter The Picture Sooner Or Later With The SyFy Channel and Literally Show Up On Screen As The Premise of One of Its Shows

....Since alcohol I suspect has had a hand in the construction of its daily schedule for the past 16 years....

1. Wrestling
2. C.S.I. reruns
3. William Shatner's Full Moon Fright Night
4. Sharknado
5. Crossing Over With John Edward
6. Scare Tactics
7. Haunted Highway
8. Ghost Mine
9. Ghost Hunters
10. Dream Team
11. Into The Pooper With Wil Wheaton
12. Sciography (all 2 episodes)
13. The "Cape Fear" movie
14. Sharktopus
15. "GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only) 
16. Caprica
17. Blood & Chrome

Is...."Drunk Trailer Park Trash"....the demographic the SyFy Channel is now going after? Rednecks sitting around a campfire at night still wearing their....flip-flops....from earlier in the day....chatting about Dolly Parton, tractor pull contests, laundry clothes lines being pulled down into the mud by dogs, Aunt Buzzy kicking the cat while wearing her combat boots (the same combat boots she wears to church every Sunday with her sun dress), discussing the wedding plans for cousins Ruby and Skeet, the best lube to use on your tractor engine, who will win next Wednesday's cat tossing contest, and when would be the best time for Buford to hit on that cute little cashier (12 years old) at the...."Cigar World" window.

The SyFy Channel has a heck of a lot of nerve labeling the Science Fiction community with the all too typical..."Wall Street Based Stereotype Moniker"...."Nerds"....since they themselves as alleged Science Fiction television programmers fail daily in every aspect of their chosen profession in managing what is supposed to be a Science Fiction channel. Don't criticize a group of people you have repeatedly failed to entertain for the past 15 years because you aren't cerebral enough, imaginative enough, or inspired thinking enough to have done so.


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