Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Every Subsidiary Always Reflects The Personality Of Its Parent Corporation. The "SyFy Channel" Always Reflecting The Personality Of NBC-Universal Has Been No Exception

Let's just come right out and say it. The SyFy Channel has always been this sort of....

..."National Enquirer / Tabloid Trash / Sensationalistic / Fast Food Gimmicky / Trailer Park Trash / Anonymous in its on-air identity / Aversion to quality programming"....

...cable channel doing nothing more than reflecting the dysfunctional personality of its parent corporation...NBC-Universal. SyFy certainly never being a Science Fiction channel by any technical definition.

What have we gotten from parent corporation NBC-Universal...The Mommy & Daddy of... SyFy?

1. The Maury Povich Show

2. Blind Date

3. The entire horrid SyFy Channel schedule

4. Fake..."Battlestar Galactica" press releases every two years.

5. The upcoming..."Battlestar Galactica - Definitive Collection" Blu-Ray"....due in May which we already know for a fact will have crappy looking outer packaging housing the Blu-Ray discs. Who knows how the Blu-Ray discs themselves will be technically damaged. Unable to even load in your Blu-Ray player?

6. A generic cable channel (SyFy) which is consistently 85% random junk in its television programming and 15% sporadic attempts at Science Fiction which never come across too well.

Did I leave anything out?


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