Thursday, April 9, 2015

Arguing With George Lucas Opened Up Lots of Career Opportunities In The Industry For Ronald D. Moore, Didn't It? (Rolling My Eyes)

I don't know what the intent is (was) for Ron Moore to be bragging about arguing with George Lucas. Moore has never been a heavy hitter in the overall Hollywood industry to begin with. From day one he has been nothing more than a lightweight television producer / writer in syndicated fare...heavy on the endless and propped up...."Stealth Marketing"....and extremely light and sparse (non-existent actually) on actual talent. Whether or not he ever actually made it to the..."Skywalker Ranch" see George Lucas face to face is highly questionable to begin with, given his dubious supposed accomplishments overall in television.

Is it Moore's intent to give the false impression that he was / is a heavy hitter in the same league as George Lucas worthy of even arguing with him? That of course is false. Moore never had the talent in any discipline to even be invited to the..."Skywalker Ranch"....for any reason, to even be granted one minute by the secretary of George Lucas to try and sell him (Lucas) a box of.... "Girl Scout Cookies".....

Whatever Ron Moore thinks he is in relation to George Lucas, here are the sad facts about Ron Moore....

1. Over a decade after the.... "Rick Berman Era"....of..."Star Trek"....ended, (Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise)...where Moore was nothing more than an overall staff writer and occasional producer for..."Star Trek"... in syndicated television.... Moore is still a relative unknown to the masses, where it really means something. Ron Moore was nothing more than a little cog in a giant machine while associated with..."Star Trek"...He is still of that little stature circa 2015.

2. Post..."Star Trek"....Ron Moore has created nothing of any commercial success of his own invention.

3. Circa 2015, Ron Moore doesn't have a production empire of any sort to even compete with George Lucas after being in the business for as long as he has as one of the..."Hired Hand Little Guys"...going as far back as 1988.

4. Everything he has ever been associated with post..."Star Trek"...was cancelled in its pilot episode..."Precinct 17"...."Virtuality"....Notorious and low rated for not being what it claimed to be..."GINO" - (Galactica In Name Only)...."GINO"...being nothing more than rehashed...."Blade Runner"...and..."Star Trek: Voyager"...and..."GINO's"...low rated seasons being..."Rubber Stamped Renewals"...And flat out boring..."G vs. E"..."Roswell"...and..."Carnivale"...With no talent whatsoever demonstrated in any of these productions indicating a flare for..."Mass Market Pulse Finding" George Lucas repeatedly has a talent for.

Ron Moore should explore the highly rewarding field of..."Soap Opera Staff Writer"....I honestly believe that is the only career option he has left. He's already immersed in it with...."Outlander"....It's either that or opening his own lemonade stand.

As for arguing with George Lucas, it just opened up infinite career paths for Ron Moore didn't it? The billions of dollars are just rolling in for Ron Moore (after that argument)...aren't they? (Rolling my eyes)....after his extraordinary career of..."Staff Writer Dude"....for 2 decades .(Rolling my eyes again)


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