Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I Have An Even Better Idea For "April Fools Day Programming" On The SyFy Channel


A game show that pretends the SyFy Channel is a legitimate cable network with legitimate television programming that can be taken seriously. 3 or 4 contestants stand at their podiums with a "Buzzer." The series of questions asked collectively lead the contestants on a path of "false impressions", making them erroneously believe that the SyFy Channel is a successful cable network. Such as...

"Which of the following successful cable networks won the prestigious "Hugo Award" for "Best Dramatic Presentation" in 2014?.... "A&E"...."SyFy"....."PBS".....or...."Hallmark Channel?" There is no correct answer to this question because none of the cable channels mentioned are Science Fiction channels.

Of course, the contestants beforehand know absolutely nothing about the SyFy Channel. Not hard to envision.

At the end, the contestants are shown a...."Photo Montage Film Clip"....of what the SyFy Channel really is (An absolute mess of a cable network)....accompanied by a..."Sitcom Laugh Track".....You know, right? Film clips of..."Sharknado"....are shown in the montage...."GINO" - (Galactica In Name Only)...."Wrestling"...."C.S.I. reruns"...."Marcel's Quantum Kitchen".....with the..."Sitcom Laugh Track"....laughing at each of these clips shown.


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