Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Apparently There Is an Irish Singing Duo No One Has Ever Heard of Called "Jedward." They're The Next Contestants On "Lose Your Lives via Flying Sharks in a Low Rated 'Sharknado' Movie" On SyFy Channel


An Irish pop duo no one has ever heard of eligible for casting in a low rated..."Sharknado"....movie simply because they post on..."Twitter"....Combined with....the stunt casting of..."David Hasselhoff"....and...."Ann Coulter"....Combined with...a series of B movies on the SyFy Channel that shouldn't have technically made it to the third installment due to the low ratings of the first two...Combined with....a backwater cable channel that has never known which way is up (SyFy) in the fine art of television programming or establishing a discernible and consistent on-air identity for itself.

This..."Sharknado 3"....sounds like a winner to me!! I mean, how can you lose with a winning formula like this? (Rolling my eyes)


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