Friday, April 3, 2015

You Know? If The Sci-Fi Channel (Erroneously Titled "SyFy" Presently) Had Just Had Programming Like This (100% of The Time) Beginning 15 Years Ago

...It wouldn't have incurred the wrath of Science Fiction fans across the board and lost those fans in droves never to get them back. This indeed looks promising....BUT!!'s airing on a network notorious for screwing up 100% of the time with all things Science Fiction and..."Battlestar Galactica"...

As it stands now, the promising..."Killjoys"....should clash quite nicely with the infamous and awful schedule..."SyFy" historically known for...

1. Wrestling
2. Ghost Hunters
3. Marcel's Quantum Kitchen
4. Dream Team
5. Into The Crapper With Wil Wheaton
6. Crossing Over With John Edward
7. Helix
8. Sharknado
9. Sharktopus
10. C.S.I. reruns

With..."Killjoys"...the SyFy Channel now only has to fix 99% of the rest of its schedule to get it to fit in with the outer space setting of...."Killjoys."

We're making some real progress now, aren't we?!!

Intergalactic bounty hunters. I like it!!


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