Saturday, April 4, 2015

Kudos To The SyFy Channel For Always Striving To Attain And Sustain The "Status Quo Mediocrity" And (Lack Of Aspirations) 99% Of The Time In Its Television Programming


This has..."Into The Crapper With Wil Wheaton"....written all over it. Yet another half-ass attempt by the SyFy Channel to produce an information based news service on the goings on in the realm of Science Fiction. The problem with this show right off the bat of course, is in its title. "Nerd" is an elitist, status quo insult by those in the media who regard Science Fiction fans as..."Nerds." This has been the SyFy Channel's dysfunctional business problem from day one and the reason why it has been as unsuccessful as it has been for 15 years, routinely attaining nothing more than its..."Status Quo Self Comfortable State of Mediocrity" television programming. "Nerd" is also used by those in the media who are fearful of Science Fiction because it requires sustained imagination and inspired thinking to be monumentally profitable at all times within the realm of Science Fiction which the SyFy Channel has repeatedly....FAILED TO DO....for 15 consecutive years. So those in the media who are routinely unprofitable at a noteworthy level (SyFy) when attempting Science Fiction are also routinely prejudicial against it. 

It's a psychological way of licking one's own wounds at the corporate level.

I'll give..."Nerdist News"....three or four episodes before its cancellation just like every other hunk of junk on the SyFy Channel with a $1.98 production budget created in that..."Corporate Vacuum of Zero Talent / Zero Taste / Zero Imagination / and Zero Inspired Thinking" NBC-Universal.


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