Monday, April 6, 2015

Never Will Imagination and Inspired Thinking Collide With The SyFy Channel

Sharknado 3 poster 

Remember when the SyFy Channel held a contest for all 50 viewers of the first..."Sharknado" These 50 viewers were supposed to write in and offer suggestions for the title of the second...."Sharknado" After receiving title suggestions from these viewers, the best title that the SyFy Channel could come up with was..."Sharknado 2: The Second One."  I suspect what happened here was...the SyFy Channel received title suggestions from viewers that were very good (certainly a lot better than..."The Second One")....but the corporate boneheads at the SyFy Channel were so overwhelmed by the imagination and inspired thinking that went into those title suggestions...that the SyFy Channel boneheads finally just said..."Screw it. Let's just come up with our own status quo, boring, and typically anti-imaginative movie title."

So, here we are at the latest and highly anticipated third..."Sharknado" (I'm anticipating low ratings highly, just as the first two got)...and we have yet another status quo, boring, and typically anti-imaginative move title in...."Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!"....A typical SyFy Channel movie title. Boring, status quo, it doesn't even rhyme. And I suspect given the extremely limited intellect of SyFy Channel executives, it took them all day sitting at a board room table hammering out movie titles to come up with...."Oh Hell No!"

Can I help? Would these alternative titles do?

1. Sharknado 3: Tracheotomy By Air
2. Sharknado 3: Umbrellas Won't Protect You
3. Sharknado 3: Decapitated Boneheads
4. Sharknado 3: Put Them On a Leash
5. Sharknado 3: The Air Surgeons are In
6. Sharknado 3: Bite Them Back
7. Sharknado 3: Remove Their Teeth With a Chainsaw
8. Sharknado 3: The Republicans Are Doomed
9. Sharknado 3: U.S. Supreme Court Sunday Picnic Massacre
10. Sharknado 3: What Happened To The Tea Party?

Does the SyFy Channel even use a..."bumper"...for its...."Sharknado".....movies?

...."Sharknado 3: Tracheotomy By Air......will return in a moment!!"....

I didn't think so!! 


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