Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Who Have Been The "Einsteins" Working In The "SyFy Channel Programming Department" Believing That Science Fiction Box Office Flops From Years Past Would Make Profitable SyFy Channel Series?

"John Carpenter's The Thing" from 1982 of course, spawned the SyFy Channel's..."Helix"...series, at least in its first (low rated) season. You know, right? Isolated scientists at an arctic research research station infected with some sort of otherworldly or man made (Science Fiction-y) virus that is gooey and slimy all over the human body. This is John Carpenter territory!!

Wrap your logical, business oriented, and dollars & cents minds around this scenario...

SyFy Channel Programmer #1: "Hey, I have an idea!! Remember the '12 Monkeys' movie from 1995 with Bruce Willis?

SyFy Channel Programmer #2: "The one that totally flopped at the box office?"

SyFy Channel Programmer #1: "Let's make a tv series out of it!!"

SyFy Channel Programmer #2: "I like it!! Just because it failed at the box office doesn't mean it will fail on the SyFy Channel as a tv series!!" 


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