Monday, January 11, 2016

Another Promising Concept The SyFy Channel Will Muck Up!

1. For starters, this series screams..."The SyFy Channel simply doesn't have a large enough budget by a long shot to do this great concept justice." A period piece set in the wild west. To my knowledge, there are no western town studio back lots in Vancouver, British Columbia. What then? Expensive CGI backdrops? Elaborate monster makeups. Who is going to do the elaborate makeups? The same crackerjack makeup team at..."Asylum Films"...continuing to underwhelm us with their work on..."Z Nation?"...Does the SyFy Channel or anyone they are associated with in Vancouver have access to horses and horse wranglers to get the horses trained and the cast members on horseback? Stunt men to stage the elaborate fights expected?

2. This concept and series needs someone with a certain creative off kilter attitude to be in charge of every aspect of production, like Sam Raimi. Raimi could do this concept justice with his wild, airborne cameras dipping and diving through all of the action. Look at the beautiful job he is doing on the Starz network's...."Ash vs Evil Dead"....series.... "Wynonna Earp".... also needs that wacky and inspired storytelling style of Sam Raimi's.

3. The usual and familiar contract players of the SyFy Channel's actors and actresses showing up in this series won't make the characters come to life. Tricia Helfer, Lucy Lawless, and Dean Stockwell need not even be called for starring or guest starring roles.

4. Cameras mounted on the back of trucks filming actors speeding along on horseback and speeding alongside old fashioned steam trains. Who is going to build the old fashioned train? Do they have the money to build one? Get one out of mothballs from..."Brisco County Jr.?'"....Maybe use the one from Seth MacFarlane's..."A Million Ways To Die In The West?"....

5. A western wardrobe. The off the rack business suits of Ronald D. Moore's laughable "GINO" - (Galactica In Name Only) low rated series and the jump suits from all of the other SyFy Channel's productions won't save the SyFy Channel this time. Yes, the SyFy Channel will actually have to finance an originally designed western wardrobe this time. Wynonna Earp will have to have a unique cowboy and probably tomboyish look to her in western duds. Extras will all have to dressed in cowboy hats, holsters, six shooters, etc. I'm sure there's a country and western clothing store somewhere in Vancouver filled with all of the cowboy clothing necessary to come to the SyFy Channel's rescue.

6. Cast members will have to be taught how to fire six shooters. A firearms expert will be needed to train them. Let me guess, the guns all fire laser beams? Post production inserts!!

The SyFy Channel has basically committed itself to doing a western ( a major and expensive production in itself) with expected elaborate monster makeups. Who is going to pay for such a production with the budget necessary to do it right?

Let me guess. The SyFy Channel will solve all of these forbidden expenses by just setting Wynonna Earp in the present day. She carries a cell phone and a six shooter at her side. She has a downtown apartment, has a roommate named Trixie who works in a donut shop, and takes a cab to go and fight the monsters. Ronald D. Moore's infamous business suits will once again creep into the proceedings because after all, Wynonna Earp will probably be set in the present day.


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