Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Coming Soon From The SyFy Channel...."Jesse Lee James"

(New York) Coming soon from the SyFy Channel, the network that never does Science Fiction on its own unless all of the other cable networks are doing it first...but even then we still suck at it....

...comes another repetitive excursion into female character banality on the SyFy Channel. Fasten your seat belts in your reclining chairs for..."The Adventures of Jesse Lee James"...

Yes, Jesse Lee James...the great granddaughter of legendary outlaw Jesse James comes to the SyFy Channel in a contemporary setting because we at SyFy could never afford to do an actual full blown western set in the old west with horses, steam trains, extras in full cowboy wardrobe, and actually firing six shooters. The production costs would be so outrageous.

Jesse Lee James wants to clear the name of her great grandfather tarred and feathered in the past, by doing good in the present. That helps us at SyFy cut down on production costs by just doing location shooting in Vancouver, British Columbia....and the bargain basement soundstages there.

Join Jesse as she fights crime as a member of the...."Homicide Squad"...of the Vancouver Police Department. Occasionally strapping on non-firing six shooters and shoving her cell phone aside for theatrical effect, Jesse battles the supernatural and the ongoing limited budget of the SyFy Channel in this exciting new series. Her partners in crimefighting...District Attorney Barbie Lax-Case... and... Police Chief Slag Iron Rail of the Chipewta Tribe....fight the ogres and demons they occasionally encounter working homicide on the streets of Vancouver. 

We at SyFy won't call the city Vancouver in the series. After holding a raffle and receiving thousands of entries from our viewers for the best name of this fictitious city, we at SyFy chose the entry of Chet "Nimrod" Cruiser from Battle Creek Michigan. Yes, the name of Jesse Lee James home city will be...."The City"....

Much the same way SyFy chose the title..."The Second One"....for the second..."Sharknado" after receiving thousands of entries for that contest.

Just don't start jumping on us here at SyFy about our staggering lack of imagination in coming up with movie titles and other proper nouns. We hate that!!


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