Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The SyFy Channel's "Rebranding" Promo From 2009 Was An Incoherent, Embarrassing, And "What The Fu**?" Moment In This Channel's Long Line Of "What The Fu**?" Moments

Unfortunately, it took the SyFy Channel a good half decade to realize this monumental failure, and is only now switching back to what seems to be a steady stream of Science Fiction leaning programming. But only because the SyFy Channel finally realized that the OTHER CABLE NETWORKS were doing Science Fiction programming like they were supposed to be doing all along....and doing it a lot better than they ever did!!

From what I can...."De-Code"....and...."Decipher"....from the incoherent and embarrassing promo above... This promo was meant to really signify the...."SyFy Channel's...."Lazy Lapse"....into..."General Interest Television Programming"....including...

1. Movies of every conceivable subject matter from the...."Universal Studios Film Vault".....Handy, convenient, and ever so lazy!!

2. "C.S.I."...reruns. Handy, convenient, and ever so lazy!!

3. Cheap ass horror movies. Handy, convenient, and ever so lazy!!

4. Reality shows. Handy, convenient, and ever so lazy!!

5. Business suits in every production Ronald D. Moore ever did for them. On supposed alien planets supposedly thousands of light years from Earth!! Handy, convenient, and ever so lazy!!

6. Wrestling. Handy, convenient, and ever so lazy!! .....and cheap!!


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