Saturday, January 23, 2016

I Think It's Safe To Say That The "Grand Old Party" (The Republicans) At NBC-Universal (Universal Studios) Have Always Been In Charge Of Mismanaging The "1978 Battlestar Galactica" Series On Purpose For The Past 38 Years

1. Whenever Republicans are put in charge of managing anything, "mayhem....chaos....destruction....loss of opportunity across the board....and an overwhelming sense of....'what a shame'....." inevitably follows everything they do in their wake.

2. Republicans are not...."Artsy People."....They have always been...

a. anti - The Arts
b. anti - Imagination
c. anti - Science Fiction
d. anti - Progress
e. anti - Perpetuating The Overall Better Good For All
f.  anti - Nostalgia

And across the aisle....

a. pro - "Always In It For Themselves" 
b. pro - "Let's Destroy This For The Fun Of It!!"
c. pro - "Let's Always Use The 'Bottom Line' As a Weapon Against Progress" 
 pro - "Let's Screw This Up Next Because We Don't Know Any Better And Don't Care."

It goes without needing to be said that Republicans also have always favored..."Lowest Common Denominator"....television programming....

....Over television programming that expands the imagination....

Is this due to the fact that they believe it is necessary to pander to the idiots in the television viewing audience, or is it a sad reflection on their own limited intellects as television programmers? Without sadness I robustly conclude that is the latter.


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