Thursday, January 14, 2016

The SyFy Channel's Erratic Programming Habits Continue To Bounce Around All Over The Map Like a Runaway Pinball

I will give the SyFy Channel credit for this one. This is an entertaining mini series based on a classic science fiction novel.

Even its recent efforts like..."Killjoys"....and..."The Expanse"....are big improvements over what they were showing in the past. Wrestling, and..."C.S.I."....reruns.

But for every two or three steps the SyFy Channel takes in the right direction with its programming, it takes huge steps back by remaining in the gutter with junk like...."Z Nation"...."C.S.I."....reruns,..."Sharknado".... and wrestling. If wrestling is even on the channel anymore. Old habits die hard I guess.

The SyFy Channel's bad programming habits are like a pinball bouncing all over the place in subject matter, not just Science Fiction.


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