Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How Did The SyFy Channel Become So "Skewed" In Everything It Does?

This blog has always spoken in length about the tragic acquiring of the once great and former..."Sci-Fi Channel""GE-Universal / Vivendi-Universal / NBC-Universal" the late 1990's...and turning it into a cess pool of endlessly conflicting programming formats and endless...."Identity Crisis"....issues for the channel spanning almost 20 years thus far.

This of course is due to the fact that the former and once great..."Sci-Fi Channel"....was purchased by the idiots at (You fill in the blank) - Universal who were not Science Fiction fans. It was instead purchased by clueless..."Technocrats".... who are always...."Technocrats"....first,...."Technocrats".....second...and.... non-Science Fiction fans... thereafter.

Because of this, programming on the SyFy Channel has always had this indigestible and odd flavor to it. Never Science Fiction...always bland...always conflicting in nature....always lacking a unified center. Additionally, the programming on the SyFy Channel has always gravitated towards odd preoccupations with unusual stunts in its programming. Such as the SyFy Channel's odd preoccupation with casting former child stars from the 1970's in their movies and on its reality shows (Barry Williams, Danny Bonaduce.) And also the SyFy Channel's odd preoccupation with former television series that had the softest impact on our culture and non-Sciece Fiction related... Such as..."Pee-Wee's Playhouse."... And then trying to resurrect them decades later in...."bits & pieces"... form on its reality shows... for whatever..."soft business reason"....they may have for doing so, and trying to turn it into an earth shattering event no one in the mass market audience ever notices or even remembers. The channel's odd preoccupation with making what they know are bad horror movies, and trying to turn that odd fact into a virtue. Even going so far as to non-verbally admit (but spoken loud and clear "round about-ly"..(sic) its press releases) that the low ratings these bad horror movies repeatedly generated was somehow advantageous for them as a business. And worth pursuing further.

The SyFy Channel has also had this...."odd preoccupation"....with the..."Twitter"...audience, as miniscule as it repeatedly has been for them in the grand scheme of things. Going so far as continuing to make...."Sharknado"....sequels for them (and only them) always at the exclusion of a fully attainable mass market audience overall for them if their programming was simply better thought out and more intelligent overall.

Since 1999, the Universal Studios owned and former Sci-Fi Channel has always been facing the precise opposite direction of what Science Fiction fans have always been facing. Whether it be the fans of the...."1978 Battlestar Galactica"....series....the fans of...."Farscape"....the fans of...."Stargate"....the fans of classic and GOOD....Science Fiction on television overall.

Instead...these...."Weird Technocrats"....who run the SyFy Channel have always been preoccupied with this,,,,"Weird Ass Programming"....everyone scratches their heads at. Weird ass programming embedded within the odd sub-culture of the SyFy Channel management from day one that reflected a simultaneous disdain for Science Fiction programming overall...and an affinity towards oddball programming decisions rooted in embarrassing preoccupations with the mass market television / movie failures of the past and..."has been"...and...."never were".... actors...

1. The collected works of Paul Reubens, Barry Williams, and Danny Bonaduce. 
2. Odd television programs from the 1980's such as...."Pee-Wee's Playhouse"....
3. Casper Van Dein
4. Tara Reid
5. David Hasselhoff
6. Wil Wheaton
7. Perez Hilton
8. Judd Hirsch
9. Downtown Julie Brown
10. 12 Monkeys
11. Blade Runner
12. The Thing


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