Sunday, January 17, 2016

Barely One Month Into The New Year, It Is Being Repeatedly Proven That There Are Two Entities Universal Studios (NBC-Universal) Still Should Not Be Owning And Never Should Have Owned In The First Place

Yeah...OK...Universal Studios settled with the estate of the late Glen A. Larson but...

What now?

1. More fake press releases coming from Universal Studios announcing more fake..."Battlestar 1978"...movies?

2. "Battlestar 1978"...really gets buried underneath a rock for good this time after the settlement? Not even mentioned in fake press releases anymore?

3. Universal Studios comes up with a..."Battlestar 1978" that sucks so bad in being so poorly thought out and executed that fans of the new movie wished it had never been made and don't consider the movie..."Canon"....?

4. Universal Studios continues logging... year after year...decade after decade... of stunning examples of historic bad management of the..."1978 Battlestar Galactica"....series?

Yeah...OK...there presently seems to be an..."uptick" what seems to be Science Fiction centered programming on the SyFy Channel but....

The SyFy Channel has a notorious and sordid history in engaging in...."NBC-Universal never should have owned this channel in the first place"....centered behavior...

1. Kicking the Science Fiction centered programming of the previous owners of this channel to the curb in favor of non-Science Fiction..."Junk Programming"...such as...

a. Crossing Over With John Edward
b. Scare Tactics
c. Dream Team
d. Wrestling
e.. "C.S.I." reruns
f. Any movie (any subject matter) from the "Universal Studios Film Vaults"
g. Sharknado
h. Ghost Hunters
i. William Shartner's Full Moon Fright Night
j. Those horrible Saturday night monster movies

2. Staging a "Hoax" with filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan...

3. When it was eventually revealed that John Edward was not a real psychic...

4. Bad programming....lies...cheats....and more lies. No doubt about it. The former Sci-Fi Channel never should have been owned in the first place with the dreaded studio name....Universal Studios....anywhere near the ownership of this channel...regardless of who the present corporate owner of Universal Studios may be.


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