Tuesday, April 5, 2016

After 15 Consecutive Years of "Fake Battlestar Galactica Movie Press Releases", Universal Studios Still Has No Future Year "Penciled In" For Any "Battlestar Galactica" Movie

...And even the success of..."The Force Awakens"....isn't motivating Universal Studios (in concrete steps) to move forward with a..."Battlestar Galactica Movie..." But we are continuing to get from Universal Studios their..."Biennial and Fake"...."Battlestar Movie Press Releases"...such as the one in the link below...


And once this..."Fake Battlestar Movie Press Release"....fades from the immediate memory of most during the next two years...Universal Studios.... will then release its next..."Fake Battlestar Movie Press Release"...in 2018.


Where is this supposed..."Battlestar Galactica"....movie? It's certainly not on (and has never been on) Universal Studios schedule of upcoming movies. Once again, reality and fantasy collide in the case of no physical evidence manifesting whatsoever in what Universal Studios is claiming, and what Universal Studios is actually doing.

Incidents like this involving the..."1978 Battlestar Galactica Series"...have destroyed any credibility Universal Studios may have had as a legitimate business

Their overall crappy management of this property spanning 38 consecutive years and counting (highlighted by their horrific merchandising of this property) combined with their pathological lying of announcing one..."Fake Battlestar Galactica Movie"...after another in their..."Biennial and Fake Battlestar Movie Press Releases"...going back 15 consecutive years...has rendered Universal Studios impotent in favorable, reliable, and legitimate reputation.


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