Monday, April 25, 2016

Do Television Critics Have a Condescending Attitude Towards The SyFy Channel?

It's always the same review after review isn't it?

Always along the lines of....

"Well, the SyFy Channel could never compete with..."The Walking Dead"...but since..."Z Nation" about the best they could could still be watched for what it is I suppose."

"Wynonna Earp'.... lacks most of the basic ingredients making television programming watchable, but someone might find something entertaining in it."

"What can be said about...'Geeks Who Drink'...except you answer questions and then get plastered."

"Yes..."Sharknado" bad. But it's bad in that..."I don't have anything else to do on a Saturday night to kill time so I might as well watch it"...sort of stenching goodness."

"The SyFy Channel isn't necessarily a bad channel. It's just a mind numbing below average channel. A spectacular disaster of a cable channel."


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