Friday, April 29, 2016

Some of Donald Trump's "Politically Uneducated Loon-Bat Followers" Are The Same "World Wrestling Federation Nitwits" That Watch The SyFy Channel

I see it every day on the news. Donald Trump's followers and supporters starting riots at every location in which Donald Trump speaks.

And then it finally dawned on me!! Wait a minute. These are no doubt the same uneducated and illiterate morons that have watched all of the crap and the nonsense on the..."SyFy Channel"....for the past 15 or so years ever since..."NBC-Universal"...first started owning it and mismanaging it.

The same idiots that have watched wrestling on the..."SyFy Channel"...The same idiots that watch a new...."Sharknado" every year. The same idiots that watched..."Crossing Over With John Edward"....and believed it. The same idiots that got drunk watching..."Geeks Who Drink."

These same..."Redneck Hillbilly Idiots".... are now raising hell at Donald Trump's rally's in support of Donald Trump. Because they are...

1. Politically Uneducated
2. Never graduated from high school.
3. Never attended a high school..."Civics"....class a day in their worthless lives.
4. Never attended any sort of class that educates one on the workings of our government and politics.

In other words...the typical..."SyFy Channel"...audience member.

Look at them!! Look at all of them with these..."Retarded Blank Expressions"...on their faces while they're sitting behind Donald Trump while he is giving one of his speeches. Even though Trump is speaking to them at a..."6th Grade Level"..., they still don't know what he is talking about. Even though Trump uses..."6th Grade Level"...words like..."Collusion"...his followers still don't know what he is talking about. All the while Trump is spinning his right arm with his index finger and thumb stuck together. What the hell is that all about?

The only time Trump gets cheers from this audience is when he uses simple concepts and words they can understand...

1. Build wall
2. Make America great again
3. Bring jobs home
4. Lying Ted

Yes, Trump has captured the..."SyFy Channel"... audience alright!! ____________________________________

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