Sunday, April 10, 2016

Whatever Happened To "SyFy Kids?" Did It Ever Exist In The First Place?

My position on this topic all along always was....How do you make a kid's version of a cable network (SyFy Channel) that never had a discernible and coherent on-air identity in the first place? What would the kid's version of a... John Doe-esque....wrestling...gory horror movies...sham show...."C.S.I"....reruns....ghost even be? What would you even begin to zero in on specifically in the midst of such a smorgasbord programming mess to make a kid's version of yourself? I doubt the SyFy Channel ever succeeded in getting this project off the ground because of that fact and it never got off the drawing boards.

What does the little mascot of..."SyFy Kids"....represent? What does his trail of splattered blood represent? Kids are too young to be exposed to blood at any age, aren't they? Even if it's just cartoon blood or blood in a humorous vein? Any child psychologist could have told the SyFy Channel that if it even bothered to ask which no doubt I doubt they ever did.

What was the on-air identity of parent..."SyFy Channel" the first place to create the offspring..."SyFy Kids?"

The...."SyFy Channel" the first cable network in history to never have any idea what its discernible and coherent on-air identity was supposed to be from day one (wrestling, horror movies, binge drinking programs - "Geeks Who Drink", sham psychic programs - "John Edward", and cooking shows) and yet despite this went ahead and tried to spin itself off into a kid's version of itself. 

This channel (SyFy) has been nothing but a big mystery to everyone from day one. The day.... "USA Networks / Universal Studios / Vivendi / GE / Comcast"....bought it almost 20 years ago. What is it exactly?


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