Friday, April 22, 2016

Why Was The "Mockingbird Lane" Television Pilot Used By NBC-Universal As a "Decoy Production" To Divert Attention Away From a "Battlestar" Theatrical Film Announced One Month Earlier?

This blog covered this issue in greater detail in an earlier post.

Basically, it goes like this. In October of 2011, Bryan Singer announced his intentions of directing a..."Battlestar"....theatrical film after the collapse of..."Excalibur." (The.."Battlestar".... film of course never came to be.) One month after the..."Battlestar"...announcement in October of 2011, Singer also announced his intentions of directing the..."Mockingbird Lane"....television pilot for NBC-TV.

Instead of sticking with their commitment to direct the..."Battlestar", NBC-Universal and Singer instead made the commitment to..."Mockingbird Lane" month later.

"Mockingbird Lane"...was then broadcast on NBC one year later in October of 2012.

Peeling away the layers of insanity that have always existed within Universal Studios when it comes to..."Battlestar Galactica"....One gets the overwhelming suspicion that..."Mockingbird Lane"...was a.."Decoy Production"...designed to divert attention away from the..."Battlestar" NBC-Universal and Bryan Singer never had any intention of making in the first place.


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