Monday, April 18, 2016

"Why Don't You Slip Into Something More Comfortable..Like a Coma?"

Yes, that completely asinine and ludicrous bit of dialogue came from none other than the pilot episode of the SyFy Channel's new series..."Wynonna Earp"...

This blog had the misfortune of sitting through the first 20 minutes of...."Wynonna Earp"...and had to turn it off at the 20 minute mark because it was that bad!!

All of the horrible characteristics of a SyFy Channel production are present in...."Wynonna Earp"...

1. The zero production values. With any SyFy Channel production it's best to start with the standard.."$500.00 Production Budget"...of any SyFy Channel series and then just start going backwards and counting down from...."$500.00"...every time you see cheesy cost cutting. In this case....

a. Cheap looking film stock. The SyFy Channel always uses some sort of cheap-o looking film stock in everything it films (from original SyFy Channel movies to original SyFy Channel series.) Always giving everything this brownish looking puke appearance.

b. Cheap looking location shooting. In this case, a sagebrush saturated back lot somewhere burning in the sun. With the actors and actresses burning up as well outdoors.

c. Cheap wardrobe. Rags, odd & ends, whatever the SyFy Channel could drum up at a local..."Salvation Army Retail Outlet".....

2. Bad actors - Shiver!! Too painful to watch!!

3. Horrible Dialogue. An example given in the title of this particular post.

4. A premise not interesting in the slightest. A cross between..."Ash vs. Evil Dead"....and some B-Grade western by Charles Band.

5. Cheap-o makeup effects. Oh, good heavens!! The worst I have ever seen.

6. Bad editing in fight sequences. No doubt trying to hide the bad wire work.

7. Boring characters. Boring bad guys.

8. You don't care about this make believe reality because it wasn't executed well at all.

The first time I ever had to turn something off at the 20 minute mark because it was that bad!!


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