Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Intelligence Level of Television Executives And Television Programmers Has Dropped Dramatically In The Past 50 Years. Just Look At The SyFy Channel

Remember when programming ideas came from genuinely inspired ideas crafted out of thin air?

1. Gene Roddenberry - Star Trek
2. Michael Garrison - The Wild, Wild West
3. Rod Serling - Twilight Zone
4. Leslie Stevens / Glen A. Larson - Battlestar Galactica

What are we stuck with now? The endlessly stupid ideas of the SyFy Channel coming from one "Dark Horse Comics - Graphic Novel"...after another. None of them interesting in the slightest.

Present day television executives are the least intelligent and the least creative we have ever witnessed. They're nothing but..."Retard Bean Counter Rejects"....from aborted business courses.


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