Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The "Starlog" and "Cinefantastique" Magazines of The 1970's Would Have Been Horrified And Outraged At The Existence of The "SyFy Channel"

Do you think I'm rough on the SyFy Channel? Just imagine how the SyFy Channel would have been treated by..."Cinefantastique"....and...."Starlog"....magazines if it had come along in the 1970's!!

Holy crap!! The SyFy Channel would have been getting...."Ripped a New Asshole"....every month by these two monthly magazines!!

Starlog: "If there is such a thing as..."Syence Fyction"...it is defined by this channel as a steaming pile of horse manure."

Cinefantastique: "The hippies and the burnouts from..."Woodstock"...in 1969 never disbanded after that concert. They instead got together and dreamed up this channel while heavily medicated on LSD."


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